client testimonials

"Caregivers Plus (provided) an invaluable service for our family. As a busy executive, they saved me countless hours. I had strong advocates for medical attention when my father needed it, and we got the attention and answers we needed. Caregivers Plus restored peace of mind and hope for patients and families."

—Paula Rosput Reynolds, former CEO AGL Resources

"Having nurses, such as Caregivers Plus, present at office visits is invaluable to providing continuity of care and interval history that is often missing from the patient."

—Dr. J. Lesesne

"Caregivers Plus is exactly thatócare giving is just the beginning of what they do! Their nurses help with medication, provide up-to date reports of doctor visits and navigate the complexities of the medical system... they are our guardian angels!"

—M. Platt

"Many thanks for the wonderful serviceómy family and my mom were grateful for your professionalism and enjoyed working with you."

—Kelley family

"I've recently had the opportunity to work closely with Caregivers Plus and could not be more pleased with their services. Helen Rice served as a vital link in helping me and my staff take care of one of our elderly patients. Helen's presence in the consultation room allowed us to establish a detailed and accurate medical history. Her caring attitude and attention to detail gave me great peace of mind knowing that my post-operative instructions would be followed appropriately. It was a pleasure having Helen as part of our team and we cannot wait to work with her again."

—John H. Muse, D.D.S., Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

"...excellent communication with staff and residents. It has been great getting good, real feedback!"

—Nancy Mondoro, RN, Wellness Services Coordinator, Sunrise

"By having a nurse at every session, I was able to easily convey the importance of my treatment designs and where I wanted to go in terms of treatment goals. She relayed clear, concise information to the family, which let me actually spend more time treating my patient. The service Caregivers Plus provides is invaluable for managing the complexities of geriatric well-being."

—Debbie DuBont, Physical Therapist, Wesley Woods Rehabilitation Center

"Finding Caregivers Plus has truly been wonderful. They were thoughtful, dependable, and creative when working with my 83-year-old mother. As a registered nurse myself, I appreciated Caregivers Plus thoroughness and tact when dealing with medical issues and personnel. Caregivers Plus took care of my mother as though she were their own. I forwarded their emails to my sisters in Texas and it made them feel more connected; they loved the quotes from mother!"

—Nancy Cheal, PhD, RN

"My mother received care from Caregivers Plus. It was as good as or better than any loving family member could provide as they helped with chores that can drive a son or daughter nuts!"

—Dr. James Goettl, D.D.S

"It's been great having Caregivers Plus involved in mom's care. It makes me feel a little closer to Atlanta when I can read about her activities through your emails. Thanks so much!"

—J. Martin, California

"I want to echo compliments to Helen Rice for a thorough and detailed report. This was a wonderful idea and mom had a nice outing as part of her doctor's visit."

—Kathleen Taylor, N.C.