About Us

Caregivers Plus is a premier personal service designed to help busy adults manage their aging parents' medical appointments.

The brainchild of Helen Rice RN, a 20-plus year veteran of the medical industry, Caregivers Plus was founded in 2002 to alleviate the overwhelming effects that managing the healthcare of aging parents can have on working professionals.

Caregivers Plus:

  • Offers elderly patients RN accompaniment on medical visits, interprets patient requests to doctors / doctors' orders to patients,  and follows-up with email reporting to family members
  • Provides helpful expanded services such as socialization visits, monitoring and medication management
  • Helps families understand medical conditions, disease processes and assist with strategies for coping 
  • Assists families from in-town Atlanta neighborhoods, as well as out-of-state children, to manage their parents' care
  • Assures working professionals a sense of confidence that their parents' medical needs are being properly addressed—even in their absence
  • Works with Guardian's, POA's to ensure elder is being well-cared for
  • Provides consultation re: specific aging issues
  • Is lauded by medical professionals and physicians for excellent continuity of care

Helen L. Rice RN, Principal